New Website

We are currently in the process of moving Potolahi Productions to a new and much more interactive and beautiful website that will be focussed on the ‘Value of Video’.

Please stick with us for the next weeks till we make the transition after we find the best new template that can do it justice. It will be worth it !!!

Update (The Healer and the Psychiatrist)

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog. I’ve been working hard to process and start to edit some of the material for the latest documentary on Tonga, which focuses on the healer, Emeline Lolohea,  the psychiatrist, Dr Mapa Puloka, and my relationship with both. 

I’ve been really excited to see the success of Tongan Ark in film festivals worldwide. Every time I see it I get something more from it, and remember even more how remarkable Futa Helu was, how special Atenisi was and is, and how it needs our support. 

My most recent productions have focussed on things very close to home, the community of Angsbacka in Sweden and the dance form of contact improvisation. I needed to ground myself in Europe in my filmmaking and improve my skills in editing and storytelling before I could turn back to my love of Tonga and my research there over the last 15 years. 

So as soon as Five Ways is finished, then I’m planning to dedicate myself to finishing ‘The Healer and the Psychiatrist’. I look forward to it.  

Public Lecture and Film Showing at USP, 15 Sept 2009

The Public Lecture on Social Filmmaking in Tonga was a great success. The lecture theatre at USP was full. Fun(d)raising was shown half way through the lecture and afterwards many people asked questions and offered their own testimonies of filmmaking. The lecture and film were recorded by TMN and a half hour version was shown on their channel the following evening. 

For a copy of the lecture please email me at